Are shoes sold on Resoled considered "Deadstock"?
Shoes sold on Resoled are considered "deadstock," which means that they're authentic, new, and unworn at the time of sale. Deadstock sneakers are also sold with the original box including the box lid and the box label indicating the shoe size, as would be acceptable for sale at a retail location. "Deadstock" sneakers also may or may not include additional accessories (such as laces) that were included in the original packaging at purchase.
Do my shoes have to be unopened for me to sell them on Resoled?
Although selling your shoes in pristine condition is the best way to ensure they pass verification, as with sneakers sold at retail, some pairs will pass Resoled's verification despite being unlaced, tried on for fit, and/or having slight manufacturer flaws and imperfections that are uncontrollable. In addition, the shoes may pass verification despite the box having minimal damage from shipping, discoloration from storage and/or any normal wear and tear due to aging.
Does Resoled consider the age of the shoe when verifying it?
Yes, Resoled will consider the age of the shoe when determining whether it passes our verification process, but this is not a guarantee that a shoe will pass. Specifically, Resoled will allow an older shoe to display some signs of aging or yellowing that are unavoidable as time passes. Please note however that both shoes must display consistent aging.

When buying older shoes off Resoled, please be advised that shoes five years or older may experience structural weakness and a lack of durability. These issues often arise in spite of the conditions the shoes were stored in. Should you choose to wear a pair of older shoes purchased on Resoled, we cannot guarantee the shoe's integrity long term.
What are the condition guidelines for sneaker boxes accepted by Resoled?
All sneakers accepted by Resoled must also include the original box with the lid and the proper label that reflects the corresponding shoe size. Sneaker boxes that will pass our requirements should be in good condition although may be accepted with minor dents, tears, or wrinkles on the box lid that may have occurred from the manufacturer, shipping, and storage. Boxes for sneakers that are five years or older may be accepted if they have slight discoloration or minimal damage that can naturally occur from sitting in storage.
What kinds of sneakers are sold on Resoled?
Resoled connects Buyers and Sellers who are passionate about the hottest sneakers on the market, and we maintain a wide variety of style-forward shoes available for sale or purchase, regardless of your wardrobe or budget.

Whether you're looking for a new pair of Yeezys or Air Jordans, luxury brands like Gucci and Saint Laurent, or something else entirely, Resoled's marketplace hosts a huge variety of styles, brands and colorways.
What are the condition guidelines for sneakers sold on Resoled?
Shoes sold on Resoled have the following requirements:

They must be new
They must be unworn
They must be authentic
They must have their original packaging

Depending on the type of shoe being sold, Resoled may also require you to provide additional accessories that came with the shoe at the time of purchase in order to be verified. Check the specific shoe's product page for information about what accessories are needed.
Is Resoled affiliated with any of the brands you sell on your site?
Unless stated otherwise, Resoled is not affiliated with any of the brands we sell on the platform. Resoled Verified is our own designation and not endorsed by any brands sold on Resoled.
Can I cancel my purchase?
Once your Bid has been accepted by a Seller, your order cannot be cancelled. This keeps offers real, active and dependable, which fosters seller trust in the marketplace and ultimately leads to more items being offered on Resoled, which is good for Buyers.

Although Resoled will send you an email when your Bid is about to expire to see if you would like to renew it, the easiest way to manage your current Bid is through the 'Buying' and 'Selling' section of your Resoled account page.
Can I return my item after I've received it?
If you already received your item, the right of withdrawal ends 14 days after the beginning of the withdrawal period. For example, you received your ordered item on Tuesday, March 1st, 2022. The withdrawal period begins on Wednesday, March, 2nd 2022. The withdrawal period ends with the expiration on Wednesday, March 16th, 2022.
What should I do if I have an issue with the quality of my item after I receive it?
If you received your item damaged, were sent the incorrect item or were sent an item in the incorrect size, please reach out to Resoled Support and send us the listed details within three days.

You will navigate through a guided experience that will help you submit the necessary details so that we can investigate your issue.

You will be asked to submit the following when you create your case:

Your order number
Photo(s) of the issue you're referring to
A picture of the shipping box in full
A photo of the Resoled verification tag or sticker still attached to your item
A clear photo of the QR code on the tag or sticker

Once we've received this information, we'll investigate your issue and respond as soon as we can, generally within 24 hours.

Please note the following if you suspect you have a problem with your order

If you are not happy with the condition of your item: Resoled takes item age into consideration when verifying it at our (AUTH) centre. For items that are five years out from their release, Resoled does allow for a certain amount of yellowing and aging, and warns that shoes this old may have structural weaknesses and a lack of durability, and should be worn at your own risk.

If you received the wrong size: Please verify if there is a discrepancy between the size purchased and the size received. If this is not the case, Buyers are encouraged to resell their item on the Resoled platform. If there is a difference, we will make every effort to correct it at no charge.

Our verification process maintains rigorous internal guidelines to ensure that every item meets quality standards. For more information on verification, see FAQ: How does verification help me as a Buyer or Seller?
How does verification help me as a Buyer or a Seller?
Part of the value when you Buy or Sell on Resoled is the verification process performed at our (AUTH) Centres. Resoled maintains rigorous internal guidelines to ensure that everything on the site meets our standards. This commitment to quality is one of the reasons you can feel empowered when you buy and sell on Resoled, knowing that your item is in good hands.

For Buyers, the verification process means you can expect your item to arrive in perfect condition and know that it's been independently inspected for variations and more before it's sent to you.

For Sellers, the verification process marks the end of your transaction with the Buyer: you get paid and leave the customer service aspects of the transaction to us so you can get back to selling! When you sell on Resoled, the verification process allows you to focus on the reason why you're there in the first place, while we take care of the logistics.
Can I cancel a Bid?
You're able to withdraw your Bid at any point up until it matches a Seller's Ask. Once this happens, you're committed to your purchase. To ensure the integrity of Resoled's marketplace, it's imperative that each sale be real, active, and dependable.

Since the sale doesn't technically begin until a Buyer and Seller are matched, you're free to adjust your Bid as often as you would like. Once a Seller agrees to sell at your Bid, however, you're committed to the sale. So make sure you're comfortable paying the price you're bidding before you submit!
How do I know I've successfully cancelled my Bid?
If you are no longer interested in an item, it is recommended that you manually delete your Bid.

You can delete your Bid by clicking the "Cancel Bid" button in the 'My Bids' section of the app.

You can confirm your Bid has been successfully cancelled by checking the email address associated with your account and looking for an email from Resoled titled "Bid Cancelled" followed by the name of the item.
How do I buy on Resoled?
Resoled is a marketplace where Buyers and Sellers can make anonymous offers on a wide variety of shoes based both on the item's current valuation on the site, but also how much you're willing to pay for it or sell it for.

Resoled's anonymous nature aims to make buying and selling a hassle-free experience: Buyers see the lowest available sale price, and Sellers see the highest available buying offer.

Since both Buyers and Sellers can set their respective offers, a sale on Resoled doesn't begin until a Seller and a Buyer agree on a price through a Buyer's Bid matching a Seller's Ask, or vice versa.

As a Buyer, you have two ways to match with a Seller on Resoled—through utilizing the "Buy Now" and "Bid" features.
Can I change my shipping address after my purchase is confirmed?
Up to a point, you are able to change your shipping address once your purchase is confirmed.

The easiest way to ensure your item goes to the correct address is to verify your shipping address is correct before purchasing an item. Any purchases you make on Resoled will use the address we have on file.

Any relevant information about your order
Your new address
Proof of identification and address

Resoled is unable to change the destination country of a shipment once an order is confirmed. We recommend verifying all shipping information is correct before placing an order.

For more information about the shipping options your carrier provides, as well as managing delivery options, check out this article: As a Buyer, How Can I Manage My Delivery Options?
As a Buyer, how can I manage my delivery options?
Although Resoled does not allow Buyers to change the address on a purchase in progress, depending on who your item is shipped with, you may be eligible to change some aspects of your delivery through them in order to make your delivery process more convenient.

For more information about what shipping options your carrier provides, you can check out this FAQ: As A Buyer, What Are My Delivery Options If My Shipping Carrier Is DHL?

As a Buyer, what should I know about managing my delivery options prior to contacting the carrier?

It is up to each Buyer to manage their delivery options through their shipping carrier if they elect to do so. Shipping options accepted by the carrier must be made through the carrier themselves and cannot be accommodated by Resoled. The more information you provide your shipping carrier with (name variations, household members, and package matching options) the more likely you will be able to make your Resoled deliveries eligible for these services, but that is not a guarantee.

Additionally, if you use a shipping provider's tools to alter your delivery address (address change, delivery window), then that package will no longer be eligible to file a claim through Resoled in the result of it not being delivered or being delivered damaged.

Can I get expedited shipping as a Buyer?

Resoled does not have the capability to add expedited shipping at this time. We will continue to do everything in our power to authenticate and fulfil your order as quickly as possible.
As a Buyer, what are my delivery options if my shipping carrier is DHL?
Deliveries with DHL can be managed using the On Demand Delivery (ODD) tool. Using ODD will allow a package to be held at any indicated service point for a certain amount of time. By contacting DHL, you can establish your own time frame for a package to be held until delivered. The maximum length of time is subject to the approval by DHL.

30-day vacation hold

Please note that all options may not be available to all Buyers and Resoled cannot make these changes or handle these requests on your behalf.

If you use a shipping provider's tools to alter your delivery address (address change, delivery window), then that package will no longer be eligible to file a claim through Resoled in the result of it not being delivered or being delivered damaged.

For more information about ODD, please visit the DHL website: DHL On Demand
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