Why Resoled?
  • Resoled UK connects you to our marketplace of thousands of verified, individual Resellers of authentic goods to ensure the Best Price Discovery.
  • Bank-Grade Level verification of all users on the app, decreases the risk of chargebacks and counterfeit goods entering the marketplace.
  • Resell safely and eliminate personal & financial risk by simply connecting your bank account to receive payouts and allow Resoled to manage your entire supply chain process with our Trusted Delivery Partners.
  • Buyer payments are escrowed via our Merchant Bank Partners whilst goods are verified before the release of funds to Sellers, helping protect Buyers from counterfeit goods.
  • Set and automate your Buying and Selling, so you never miss out on a deal again.
  • All products are deposited and authenticated at a Resoled (Auth) Centre prior to being cleared for delivery.
  • All products purchased and sold within the London M25 Zone are subject to Same Day Delivery*, all other nationwide orders are to be completed within 1-5 working days.
    *Same Day Delivery is only guaranteed to all verified London addresses on goods received and verified at an (Auth) Centre before 5PM of the day of order.
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