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We see two brand new colourways of the Yeezy Slide release this week alongside a re-release of the Bone. The Yeezy Slide Core comes looking as if it was sculpted from clay. Although coming under some scrutiny when first released, the slide has since made a massive impact on the sneaker industry once people found out just how comfortable they were. The idea behind the silhouette was for wearing around the house or wherever you want to be cosy. This pair of Yeezy slide Core's is perfect for that. The Yeezy Slides Core colourway comes in Kanye's signature, subtle design dressed in a clay colour pallet. The natural hues ensure they are instantly recognisable as a Yeezy release. Crafted entirely from one piece of rubber to give the slide that futuristic look, something Kanye has strived for across many of his releases. The deep ridged sole which features is a nod towards the soles we are used to with the sneakers Yeezy releases. Branding is minimalistic, only featuring on the insole of the Yeezy Core With everybody working from home during lockdown, the Yeezy Slide Core is essential to be able to keep flexing whilst not leaving the house.

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